ampstream® Enterprise Webinar System

Hybrid Events

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Create a breathtaking event that will delight both the on-site and online audience

Step 1

Se tup your hybrid event

Link your local event with a live event in just a few steps and attract more viewers than ever. Define all the necessary technical settings ahead of time to connect local attendees with digital ones. Your registration page will be published and ready for registrations in minutes.

Step 2

Sell tickets

Sell tickets, both to local and digital subscribers, with a single function via the integrated registration feature.

Step 3

Let the audience check in

Welcome your local attendees while the digital attendees check in online and explore the system. At the same time, give credentials to local attendees so they can easily connect with digital attendees via smartphone.

Step 4

Open the stage

Let digital viewers follow the same program up close and personal as on-site attendees via a livestream. ampstream’s built-in live cockpit gives you all the tools to interact with your audience, collaborate with your team and create an engaging and inspiring hybrid event!

Step 5

Enable communication and collaboration

Thanks to the technology, all attendees have the opportunity to take part in the event on an equal level and to network easily via smartphone. No matter if locally or at home from the sofa.

Step 6

Analyze your success

Get detailed insights about your audience during the event. Directly after the event, detailed reports are available as data export for download and transfer to your CRM system.

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